Is Your Spouse Having An Online Affair?

An online affair and cheating have grown to epidemic proportions. It has never been easier to find someone online to talk with. And so many people find themselves making online friendships that go too far. Sometimes they don’t even think they are cheating because they don’t ever meet the other person in real life. They view it as harmless flirting.

But to the partner of someone in an online affair, the betrayal feels the same. If you have noticed that your spouse spends a lot of time online or is withdrawing from your relationship. They could be having an online affair, here are some of the signs of cheating. If you see these behaviors, talk to them. Maybe during a date night to see Jurassic World

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Is He Hiding His Phone?

Suddenly Hiding Their Phone

If your spouse has always given you access to their phone, but suddenly they are hiding their screen, they could be hiding an online affair. It’s a safe bet that if your spouse suddenly won’t let you near their phone there is something they are trying to hide. Usually, when people act suspicious, it is because they are doing something suspicious. Like hacking Facebook messages

Getting Up At Night To Check Their Phone

Many people reach for their phones first thing upon waking. And if your spouse couldn’t sleep it makes sense that they would reach for their phone to surf for a little. But if you notice that night after night your spouse is waking up to check their phone, something is off. When you think they are asleep, they are actually texting someone else. That is another pretty good indication that they are having an online affair.

Suddenly Talking About Someone You Don’t Know

If your spouse casually starts talking more and more about a friend that you have never met, that should be a red flag. You should ask for more information about the friend. If your spouse is reluctant to give you any identifying information about that person, you should definitely make you wonder if the relationship is innocent. Your spouse should want you to know their friends and the people that are important to them.

online affair
Is He Talking About Someone You Don’t Know?

Sending Hundreds Of Texts

One of the best ways to tell if your spouse is having an online affair is to check your cell phone bill and see how many texts they are sending every month. Online affairs usually move to texts and phone calls at some point. If your spouse usually only texts you and family members and suddenly you see hundreds of text messages, it’s time to confront your spouse and get some answers. If you enjoyed this, check my last post about not friending your spouse on Facebook.