Make Your Man Feel Loved: 7 Sweet Secrets

Men can swoon too—all a woman needs to do is get out of her daydream and follow these seven simply sweet secrets that will make your man go crazily in love with you.

  1. Look him in the eyes.

Can you remember that moment when your man first laid eyes on you and you felt him fall in love with you? Now try to go back and remember when you gazed at him that way in return. It was that moment your man knew he was going to take you to become his.

Every once in a while we forget to look at our boyfriend or our husband, the way we used to look at them. So, the next time you laid your eyes on your man, lock him in your gaze and fall in love with him all over again.

  1. Compliment him.

Men don’t always admit it but they like compliments too. The one thing that makes your partner feel like a real man is when you let him know that he’s doing a good job, with whatever it is he’s doing. Once he knows that you acknowledge his efforts, especially when it involves making you happy, it fills him up to his bones and that makes him love you more than you know.

  1. Notice him.

Give him attention. Some men don’t get jealous much on other things but they’re big on taking what they think is theirs, especially your time. Put down your phone, notice him, and spend time with him. He must only be waiting for you to finally break free from your busy schedule and find a chance to ask him how his day went and what’s he up to lately.

  1. Be supportive of his alone time.

We are all aware of some men who either traditionally practice having a “boy’s night out’, or simply plans on doing his own thing alone. Giving your partner his freedom to do some things for himself allows him to know that you are supportive of him and that you trust him completely.

  1. Get playful in the bedroom.

If your man likes you to be a little naughty at times, well you have to keep it going, girl. It isn’t always about lust. Some men like it when their woman looks for certain ways to make them feel good and one of them is making them feel good physically. Mostly, they like it when they know that you’re only naughty when you’re around him and only him.

  1. Appreciate what he does for you and your family.

Some boyfriends or husbands go out of their way to make you feel loved by looking out for your family too. By showing him appreciation, either in words or by action, it highly suggests to him that he is really capable of giving you the love you deserve. And by that, you also make him a happy man in love.

  1. Get something for him too.

It doesn’t have to be something grand, or expensive. It is the thought that matters when you include him in your shopping sessions. Some of us girls enjoy going to the mall whether to actually buy stuff or to just destress our way out of the day. If you buy something for your man too, it’s an indication that you were thinking of him even when you’re away. It makes him feel extra special when you get him something he actually likes because it means you know him really well—and that only brings you closer together.

Pick one, pick a few, or pick them all. I know even you have your own ways to bring magic into your relationship. You have been given the chance to love a man with your whole heart. Create happy memories with the person who so willingly committed to making you happy too.

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